Paintings in Tartan.

Artist Siu/saidh (Susan) Moireach Miller, produces paintings using the unique art technique of tartan painting. Using acrylic paints, Susan is able to capture the essence of an individual in their unique plaid.
Over the past 10 years, Siu'saidh has developed techniques for painting plaids that have resulted in more representative renditions of the true fabric.
Tartan painting is unique to scholars studying plaid and is used in the representation of patterns for plaids being considered for registery.
Plaids are not a unique art form to the Scots, and "Tartan" ("Plaid with a pedigree") is not an ancient art form in itself. Plaids were woven far back into ancient history, and are mentioned in the Bible and in the writings of Julius Caesar. But, it took the resourceful and waring clans of Scotland to bring these patterns into the forefront of fabric design.
Like the bagpipes, (which is an ancient instrument brought to Scotland by the Romans) it took Scots to elevate it to the status it enjoys today.
Plaid fabric has not changed much from ancient times with the exception that warp and weft of the fabric are now standardized. Most of the patterns are now registered with The Lord Lyon and the International Tartan Association and are available to the public.
Susan has a computer program full of many hundreds of patterns of tartan which are available to view from the shop and studio in Cherry Valley, New York.
She has been the driving force on the registering and design of the Cherry Valley, New York tartan which was commissioned by the Cherry Valley Historical Association.


Mairi was found here in the wee hours by Susan.
It is a wonder Mary is still speaking to Susan.
The walls are in the Blackwatch tartan, Mairi in the Borthwick dress tartan in modern colors, and the paper in the Cherry Valley New York tartan.

This work is 3 dimensional. The "paper" and clothing are real fabric and paper.
"Susan had a devil of a time painting the toilet paper"

Framed painting size: 34 inches x 45 inches

Keep watching for more updates on work in progress and pics of finished pieces.

NOTICE: Siu'saidh has been seen roaming the streets of Cherry Valley with her digital camera yesterday. No one is safe!

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